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"Your site looks great,
                                   but, does it get traffic?"

9 out of 10 people find a web site through a major search engine,
can you find your site?

We offer search engine registration techniques and page coding secrets that will get your site in the search engines
ranking higher than your competition in no time.

These online marketing techniques are imperative to maintain a successful Web site presence.

The Top 20/10 program is a comprehensive traffic-building package that targets the following
top 15 search engines:

These are global search engines that account for over 90% of all search engine requests. Superior ranking on one of the major search engines is the best way to bring quality traffic to your web site. According to a GVU survey, over 85% of Internet users use search engines to find web sites. You have probably read this fact before, but what you may not know is that only 7% of Internet users will surf beyond the first 20 listings of a search engine. In fact, in a recent study it has been shown that over 87% of search engine users would rather switch to a different search engine, than browse beyond the first 20 positions. Search engine positioning is ranked as the #1 web site promotional method used by e-commerce sites. The NPD Group study "Top Listings Vs. Banners" demonstrated that search engine listings result in six times more sales on average than an equivalent number of visitors from banners ads. That means visitor to visitor, you'll make six times more money on search engine listings than banners. This is the most effective way to ensure your company presence and increase your overall quality site traffic.


Our Basic Submission Program:
Which includes only the index page Meta tag coding, manual submission to the top 15 engines and automated submission to the remaining 2000+ engines. This package is a one time fee of $250 and is a great start to increase your sites traffic.

The Top 20/10 Professional Program:
We will work with you to research the best "keywords" (search terms) to target for your company and then carefully assist you in selecting the 20 most popular phrases to use in your campaign. Our team of ranking specialists consults with you on any changes needed to your site and explains the next stages of optimization.

Your W5 ranking specialists then work with the Top 15 Search Engines on the Internet, optimizing your index page and up to 5 additional pages to ensure top rankings. Using sophisticated techniques and ethical strategies; we work constantly over the next 90 days to optimize your rankings on search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Excite, AltaVista, AOL, Google and more. Our aim is to ensure that your web site achieves Top Ranking on all of the major search engines, for the keywords that are important to you. While the service reaches full optimization at 90 days, we know that as a conscientious business owner you want to see results fast. For this purpose we offer our Two-Tier Guarantee to demonstrate our commitment to your business. If within 90 days we have not achieved at least 10 different Top 20/10 positions we will continue our service free of charge until obtained. Furthermore, if we have not achieved any Top 20/10 positions within 60 days, you are protected by our written Money Back Guarantee.

With unlimited free email and telephone support, monthly written reports of rankings, past rankings and new rankings progress and security of working with one of the most respected ranking companies on the web, our Top 20/10 Service is perfect for any size business.

Process as follows:

1) A "current" / "suggested" keyword analysis is generated.
2) Both parties agree on up to 200 key words to be ranked.
3) Client reviews keyword list and gives final approval.
4) W5 notifies you of any changes required to your site code.
5) Set up includes the code modifications and doorway pages.
6) Information is submitted to all 2000+ search engines.
7) Manual ranking submission process begins to top 15 engines.
8) Assist and Advise client to submit "keyword rich" press release to all major search engines to enhance link popularity.
9) W5 generates and forwards a 30-day ranking reports.
10) W5 generates and forwards a 60-day ranking reports.
11) W5 generates and forwards a 90-day ranking reports.

The Top 20/10 program is structured to increase the quality of traffic to your site and your conversion of hits Vs. sales ratio. Keep in mind we guaranty up to 10 keywords in the top 20/10, yet we may achieve as we have before, as many as 200 of your keywords in the top positions across all engines!

The Top 20/10 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:

Our Top 20/10 program guarantees placement of your web site within the top search engines. The top search engines are: Alta Vista, Hotbot, AOL Search, Direct Hit, Excite, Fast/All The Web, Google, LookSmart, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, Open Directory, Webcrawler and Yahoo.

If your web site is not ranked within a top listing within 60 days you will receive a full refund. If your site is not ranked on the top of the search engines with at least 10 listings within 90 days, we will continue the service FREE of charge until accomplished. No questions asked.

Please click our Request for Website Proposal link above to get all the current package rates.

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